De Justicia – La Constitución de la gente 30 Años


30 years ago, while the world was writing the end of the Cold War and the explosion of the Internet occurred, Colombia was walking a thorny path towards change. Citizen movements tired of the violence and injustice that characterized the 80s and 90s, and the clamor of many at the polls, gave rise to a political charter that would replace another century-old one.

With the historic 1991, a new constitution was born written by diverse people—perhaps fewer than those who should have participated—which led us to a social state of law in which the rights of historically excluded and discriminated people and communities are finally recognized. Since then, there have been many interpretations, applications and changes; Also, there have been many successes and failures of those who apply it. In any case, the 1991 Constitution, the one that continues to reach everyone, has taken paths that Colombia will remember, and others await it on which the country will continue to reflect.

‘The People’s Constitution: 30 years of an evolving Charter’ is a contribution from Dejusticia to understand three decades of transformation, crisis and pending issues. We hope that teachers, students, concerned people and those who make crucial decisions for the country and justice, read, watch, listen and put their knowledge into practice in this multimedia space.

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De Justicia – La Constitución de la gente 30 Años